It's official … I'm insufferable!


I am constantly asked by friends and family if I’m bored …

… you see, they assume that because I’ve stopped work that I am ‘retired’ – a word that is (statistically) only a few months or years removed from ‘death’ (real, not metaphoric).

What they don’t realize, is that I have retired from full-time, traditional work to LIVE … to, live my Life’s Purpose.

Selling my business was merely the first step, writing this blog was the second step … fate will dictate the remaining steps, but I have a general direction in mind.

The problem is, I haven’t told anybody (other than my wife, my children, a couple of VERY close friends who don’t even know the name I write under, and all of you) about my blog or the direction this is all heading … I guess they’ll find out if/when the book is published 😉

In the meantime, I chanced upon the sketch, above, and suddenly see myself in their eyes: to them, I’m insufferable!

I’ll have to make up a ‘hard working’ cover story pretty soon 😛

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