Show me the money!

Well, it didn’t really take very long, but my FIRST sales site is up and running … feel free to visit, and sign up to receive my 2nd eBook for FREE (don’t buy the 1st eBook mentioned in the ‘sales letter’ … it’s also available FREE to all of my readers, here).


Let’s say that you don’t care about your Life’s Purpose – it’s an airy-fairy exercise not suited to you.


Far be it for me to prove you wrong 🙂

… so here is what you are looking for: a ‘menu’ of Ideal Incomes, already served up for you … pick the one that you like and scan across to the corresponding Number.

This is also useful even if you did work on coming up with at least a reasonable facsimile of Your Life’s Purpose … you might be struggling to calculate the cost of living that future / ideal lifestyle on the worksheet that I provided, so this post will help you, too.

It comes from a book by Lee Eisenberg, appropriately called The Number, but which seems to have very little to do with calculating your Number and a lot to do with:

a. Why you need one (still not convinced that you need one even after all of my diatribe? Go get the book!)

b. Your Life’s Purpose – but, the closest he seems to get to helping you understand what that might be is when he quotes directly from George Kinder’s Big Three Questions.

However, Lee does recount a story of a guy who has no interest in understanding his Life’s Purpose, but does have a very clear idea of his Number and what sort of lifestyle it can support; the ‘mystery man’ produces the following table:

According to this table, I already live “kind of rich” to which I add the travel habits of the “rich” …

Otherwise, this is a remarkably sensible table!

However, the jump between “kind of rich” and “rich” is too large … and, I suspect that a lot of you will find that your dreams also put you somewhere between the two (as it has for us), in which case Michael Masterson’s more detailed discussion of the cost of various lifestyles – from his book Seven Years to Seven Figures – may help (but, read my posts as they correct various glaring errors that, in my humble opinion, Michael has made):

The $100,000 A Year Lifestyle

The $250,000 A Year Lifestyle

The $550,000 A Year Lifestyle

Again, read my posts as I do not believe that these sufficiently take into account market returns (hence ‘safe withdrawal rates’) – even ignoring the current market meltdowns – or the true cost of high-income housing, etc. … so, only use these as a guide to help you with this exercise.

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6 thoughts on “Show me the money!

  1. I was reading your E-Book today, and while reading this, I came up with a question that I really really hope we can all get an answer to.

    Lets assume a few of us would like to write our own E-Book. Now this might help some to earn a bit of extra money(if its a quality book that is 🙂 ). The Question is,being not too computer savvy, How do we go about putting this book into a format that can be easily download? And how do we set it up on a web site so that once the person buys it, they can instantly download it?What tools will be needed to accomplish these 2 items ? Its all well and good to have an idea for a book or what ever, but if you don’t have a clue what tools to use to make the book, or the tools needed to place it on the web site and make it instantly down loadable, your stuck.

  2. @ Steve – Great questions; I think/hope many are answered here [ ] because that’s the whole purpose of the eBook: it’s the ‘product’ of an idea … an idea to see if it’s possible to make money online (and, how much?) by ‘open booking’ the whole process of: (a) creating a web-site, and (b) driving the ‘buying public’ to it.

    BTW: It seems that you don’t need much more than Microsoft Word (you can simply use one of it’s included Newsletter Templates as I did) and anything that let’s you save in .pdf format … ‘instant’ e-book (as long as you keep the file size to less than 4 Meg for download reasons)!

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