Learn it, live it, pass it on …

The first one minute of this video-teaser for a documentary called Pass It On that I mentioned recently (Scott, who appears in this video excerpt, provided a post comment that was the inspiration for the recent 3-day series of posts showing you how to build a Perpetual Money Machine) is the most interesting to me:

It simply says: Learn it, live it, pass it on …

Whether it’s karma, or simply feels good, it’s a great idea to teach others what you know!

You can pick an area of knowledge and give back without thought of reward – as I have chosen to do in my various blogs – or, you can use your knowledge and share the reward by building a business (e.g. an eBook or other information Product that you can sell) as I show you how to do in my new blog.

Whatever the method, or the reason, why not pass it on? 🙂

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