A new look at our 7 Millionaires … In Training!

I’m hoping, but not sure if you are staying in touch with the goings on at our ‘sister site’ http://7m7y.com – the home of what I still call our ‘grand experiment’ to make a lot of people rich by applying the principles that I write about here …

Jeff asks:

I have a question about how your readers now fit into the conversation on 7m7y.com as the site’s focus changes. Since you have named your 7 MIT the posts and comments have naturally shifted focus toward those individuals. As I review the discussions, it appears to me that the conversations and comments have become almost exclusively between you and the seven with little engagement from outside.

Do you see a place here still for the team of benchwarmers who have been to practice but didn’t make the team? I have learned a lot about myself and my desires through the series of exercises that led up to the 7MIT selection. Will there be more “try this at home” exercises moving forward or will 7m7y.com become increasingly tailored to the seven?

You see, I don’t just want to create 7 Millionaires … In Training! I want to create 70, or 700, or even 7,000 Millionaires … In Training!

So, there are no ‘bench warmers’ in our 7m7y Community – don’t be a wallflower (!) – but, you do get to choose your level of involvement:

1. You could just passively read along and pick up a lot of valuable information that isn’t in this blog, and

2. You could comment/criticize/congratulate, and

3. You could ask/answer questions of anybody (including the 7MITs and me), and

4. You could participate in the same exercises that I purposely post online, and

5. You could even share your own progress by e-mail/comment/feedback.

If you do want to participate – and I sincerely hope that thousands of readers like Jeff will – I suggest that you hop over to that site and bookmark it because it is an unusual blog … by it’s nature: http://7m7y.com is fluid, not static!

That’s also why I have come up with some additional navigation options for that site … let me know what you think!


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0 thoughts on “A new look at our 7 Millionaires … In Training!

  1. AJC – Thanks for the encouragement. I’m working on my “Jeff’s List” as we speak.

    I look foward to more great exercises and discussions as I chase my 10M in 10Y with you and the 7.

    Keep up the great work!
    I’m managing my money, are you managing yours?

  2. actually, I love your teachings. I do however, have a problem with it. You post on too many places, and it becomes confusing and difficult to keep up with the concept. It seems you go to one site, get a little info, then go to another site, get a little info , then get a bit of info in email. And trying to tie it all together just wracks the mind. I believe it would be much simpler for everybody if you chose one concept(such as video posting every day) instead of this post here post there kind of treatment.

  3. @ Dustbusterz – I’m sorry that you are having trouble. Let me see if I can clear this up in a future post … stay tuned and thanks!

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