Who ever said that you need to be smart to be rich?

If you didn’t think so before, then this really objective ๐Ÿ˜‰ ‘quiz show’ will prove otherwise …

… not sure, though, what Michael Moore has against the ‘rich’:

1. Who else is going to fund all those charities that help the poor and underprivileged?

2. Who else is going to pay all those taxes support the rest of the nation?

3. Who else is going to provide jobs for the ‘working class’?

4. Who else is going to have time to watch his dumb videos (the rest of America is too busy working)?

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17 thoughts on “Who ever said that you need to be smart to be rich?

  1. Hmmmm. I have got to say I like most of what you write on this blog but this one I find offensive and ill informed. By your responses you reveal not only a very narrow analytical lens for interpreting social and structural inequalities in America, but a very naive view of what wealth and power can do to the better part of our human nature. Sociological studies of charity actually show that the poor freely give (without knowing anything of tax write-offs) more of a percentage of their income to charity then the wealthy. Michael Moore brings a critique of the social inequities and the programs, ideas, and policies that have led to their exacerbation the past 30 years–that obviously you did not agree with. I think it better for all involved that this blog stays away from politics…or in the very least if it must be raised to be more humble about your own biases as well as the validity of other ideological perspectives then the free market neo-liberal ones that seem to guide some of your comments above. Again, I like a lot of what you write and offer out of (apparently) your desire to help others succeed. I compliment that! But please, stay out of politics!

  2. @ Timmers – Hang on, isn’t this a blog about how to get rich?! Anyhow, I suggest you have a chat to Warren, Bill, or … Michael Moore, himself, all of whom appear to be rich and socially responsible. In the meantime, lighten up … Video on Sundays isn’t meant to be taken too seriously ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. @ajc–Buffet, Gates, and Moore would disagree with your analysis of rich/poor and believe that social policies that concentrate too much wealth into the hands of too few people ultimately decreases the opportunity for the many (and consequently the quality of democracy for all). (Take a look at Buffet’s and Gate’s political commitments and why he supports these causes). As to me lightening up, I thought the video itself was humorous and meant for people to laugh and yet you seemed to be bothered by it. By the way, many folks don’t consider being rich as only having lots of money but being ill informed and unaware of one’s own biases. Have a chat with ol’ Plato (and his Republic) for starters for a decent discussion about that. Lets hope this blog decides that one can be rich, intelligent, and socially responsible.

  4. @ Trainee – we all have days like that, right Timmers? ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ Timmers – Seriously, though, my beef isn’t with Michael Moore (or with you, of course) … it’s with anybody who starts a conversation with “rich people are …”

    Rich people are just that: people … and, the rich people that I happen to mix with are some of the most giving and socially responsible people on this planet. What do the rest of our readers think?

  5. This video is humorous, Rich and Poor simply live different lives.

    What is a good year for Merlot? …who’s Merlot LOL

    Anyone that knows Michael Moore, he is known for this. He have the power to edit out stuff just to make it funny

  6. I am bias against Micheal Moore. He’s still into politics, I saw him the other day being interviewed on Larry King. Couldn’t give a straight answer to half the questions. He’s good for entertainment though, got a few laughs out of the video.

  7. @Timmers – There are good and generous rich and bad rich as there are good and bad poor. I think most of us here want to be rich, responsible and generous.

  8. i know if i were rich i would be giving .. thats one of the main reasons i wish for riches , so i can always help those less fortunate.


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  10. sigh. I think Moore often makes some valid points, but to me this video just comes off as a celebration of what has lately been referred to as the “real americans” – the simple, “folksy” people. They seem ignorant, and proud of it. There are few things that’s more repelling than people who are proud of what they don’t know. Granted, this could be said for some of the rich people too, I just take issue with the “folksy” bias.

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