Scam, bam … thankyou, Sam …

I received a call today from a very legitimate sounding “XXX Futures” … I took the call wondering if they were associated with a prestigious Bank of the same name – who, through a very circuitous route actually owned a minority position in one of my businesses.

They weren’t … it turns out that they are just a well and conveniently named independent company selling ‘investments’ in Futures, options and the like.

I have no direct experience with the company, but trading Futures and Options just aren’t my style, so I respectfully declined and asked to be removed from their list … [click] was the response. Professional!

Now, I’m sorry that I didn’t invest 😉

But, my day was soon made brighter when I opened my in-box and found that I had ‘won’ a Spanish Lottery!


Batch Number: 074/05/ZYxxx
Ticket Number: 5877600545 xxx

We are pleased to inform you today  2008 of the result of the winners of the EURO MILLIONNATIONAL LOTTERY ONLINE PROMO PROGRAMME, held 2008.

($1,500,000.00) (One Million, Five Hundred Thousand Dollars)
Names, Contact Telephone Numbers (Home, Office and Mobile Number and
also Fax Number)and also with your winning informations via email.

 Provide him with the information below:
1.Full Name:        2.Full Address:
3.Occupation:       4.Nationality:
Yours Truly,
Anna Maria(Mrs)

The days are not so long-gone since the mere sight of $1.5 Mill in writing gave me a blip of adrenalin; even so, it didn’t take me more than a micro-second to assess that it belongs in the Scam basket.

Not sure why I blanked out the last digits; which of my readers would actually call them? Still people get ‘stung’ by these and the so-called Nigerian Scams all the time.

I have a question: what would happen if you called, it was legitimate, and you actually won?!

Here’s what I think: if you don’t work hard to grow your wealth (through whatever legitimate means can get you there) and learn the rules of money on the way up … the statistics would say that you have an 80% chance of blowing it all – and, then some – within the next 5 years …

… and, believe me, it’s a lot more devastating to slip back down than it is to suffer some setbacks on the way up, in the first place.

Get Rich(er) Quick(er) … it’s much better than getting there too quickly … or, not at all 🙂

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