What's new in the vault?

For today’s entry in my Videos on Sundays series I thought that I would take a recent video from the archives ….

It was cut from my last ‘live feed’ taken from my hotel room in Sedona, Arizona … one of the most beautiful places on this planet: Sedona itself, not my hotel room! 🙂

If yuo want to see more, check out the archive of videos from my AJC [live] Feed Thursday night chat shows, the AJC Vault. Here is the key to unlock the vault

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2 thoughts on “What's new in the vault?

  1. AJ – loved the topic this week as I was pondering this thought myself this week. Must be the annual 4th of July drop in the market, but was not a happy camper checking out the changes in my current investments today. However, the youtube archive (which is what I was listening to today) stopped at 6 minutes or so, just when you were about to make your argument. Are these intended to be short clips (on youtube) instead of the full archive? Or will each section be a short clip and we can continue thru them, picking the sequence in case we are unable to finish the entire hour session in one sitting?

    Thanks for the post today (the 5th) on how I got “here” on the 7M7Y.com site. It was a sweet surprise when I signed on-line today!

  2. @ Di – Just a ‘random selection’ of short clips … I am trying my best to keep my live segments to less than 6 minutes each because that seems to be roughly YouTube’s size limitation. The best, of course, is to watch my LIVE FEED at http://ajcfeed.com on Thursdays @ 8pm CST as you then get the full picture [pun intended] 🙂

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