The check-cashing sub-culture

There’s a whole world of Check Cashers out there … people who need to cash checks outside the banking system.


I have NO idea …

… to find out, though, check out this video that my blogging friend (and, 7 Millionaires … In Training! applicant) – mysteriously known as ‘The Dragon’ 🙂 – first pointed me towards this video.


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2 thoughts on “The check-cashing sub-culture

  1. I used to work a job eons ago where we traveled constantly, there was no interstate banking system, and you needed cash from your checks in whatever town you were in. THen there are those (believe it or not) to whom the banks will not give check cashing privileges.

    I’ve known someone with a well-paying job that lost his ability to have a checking account (despite being able to deposit payroll checks in it) because they kept overdrawing their banking account and had no good credit to fall back on. People who file bankruptcy could be in this boat as well.

    I’m always surprised when I see people paying by checks, still, tho. Cards are so much faster, and one can still write down what was paid out in a checkbook if needed – later, with the receipt, or even in the car after loading one’s groceries.

  2. That video is so real

    The poor is the most valueable asset

    This economy thrives or fees and people willing to live above their means

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