Don't like your boss? That's just plain, old too bad.

It seems inevitable that from time to time, life’s just gonna’ suck

For example, are you suffering from ‘Mondayitis’? Now, imagine:

It’s already 5.45 pm but you’re still stuck in your little cubicle, stapling some dumb papers together that your annoying boss said that he had to have on his desk first thing in the morning or “It’s your ass!” 

 It’s just about then that you start thinking that maybe opening up your own business and throwing in this whole ‘work thing’ is what you should be doing, because then …

you won’t have some stupid boss telling you what to do!


Having sucessfully started (and sold) many businesses across a number of countries, I can honestly say that going into business because you “don’t want a boss telling you what to do” is probably the dumbest reason that you can come up with to go into business for yourself.

[AJC: High up on that same list are: money, fame, freedom … but, that’s a whole series of posts, sitting right there!]

Having a boss can really suck … I know, because I’ve had ’em and I’ve been one – and, I would not want to work for me 😉

So what?! 

If you really don’t want anybody telling you what to do:

1. Don’t get married

2. Don’t sign up for a loan

3. Don’t take on a contract

4. Don’t have any customers

Get it? But, don’t let that hold you back …

5. Do start a business because it is still the greatest opportunity to make money that you will ever see!

Just don’t do it because of your boss …

So, while you are still in the ‘planning stages’ for that new venture, just remember to treat the little time that you have left with your boss as a ‘training exercise’ to learn how to grovel to: spouses, customers, and bankers …

… oh, and the traffic cop who pulls you over because you’re driving the spoils of your business success a little too fast down that hill in The Valley 😉


PS Oh, and while you are on your mid-morning coffee break, why don’t you trot over to the 149th Canival of Personal Finance being hosted over at Happy Rock to see what I and other PF bloggers have to say?

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0 thoughts on “Don't like your boss? That's just plain, old too bad.

  1. I’ve got a funny story about my boss: he told me once (in the middle of a crisis in the production floor) – “I can’t wait to give you my job!” Half jokingly, I said – “I don’t want it!”

    My boss can be a little jerky sometimes, but aren’t we all? – I don’t at all blame him for any crap that he dishes out to me. He’s just another cog in the wheel, as am I. I really don’t mind my job either. As an engineer, it can be fun.

    I seek business success primarily as a challenge and because I want more in life. Not more money, but more impact on others and being able to have fun.

    When you’re a 9-5 corporate stiff like me, it’s so easy to just let life ‘happen’. For me, the motivation to get off my ass and try something different from my 9-5 is the tough part.

  2. @ blogrdoc – What will it will take in terms of money and/or time to fulfil your desire (need?) for “more in life. Not more money, but more impact on others and being able to have fun”?

    Then translate that into a future passive income figure …

  3. @AJC: you know… I’ve heard that advice so many times… but coming from you… I think it may have stuck this time. Thanks!

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