Use your bank balance to play at life …

I’d like to cap off almost a whole week of posts that basically encouraged SPENDING [AJC: heck, somebody’s gotta kick-start the economy!] with something completely different (well, actually, quite similar!):

My thanks to blogrdoc for pointing me to this very neat video for my Video on Sundays series …

It’s very entertaining – and from one of the world’s true [musical] geniuses … the financial point is in the 1st minute …watching the rest is optional (but, highly recommended!):

In case you missed it, here is the key quote in that first minute of the video:

The instrument isn’t really that important. It is a means to an end. In other words, you don’t use music to play the violin. You use the violin to play music.

You really need to stop and think about this …

Now, here is the financial parallel – one that I tried to articulate in one of my very early posts:

The bank balance isn’t really that important. It is a means to an end. In other words, you don’t use life to increase your bank balance. You use your bank balance to play at life.

Musical/Financial food for thought?


Issac Stern


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0 thoughts on “Use your bank balance to play at life …

  1. @AJC:
    BTW – with so much going on in China right now, I think that movie [from Mao to Mozart] is essential viewing for anyone interested in understanding their culture better or planning to go to the olympics. On top of that, it has some of the most heart-achingly beautiful music you’ll ever hear.

    I really liked your parallel to life and money. One of the reasons I think 4HWW has struck such a chord is that it has made people realize truly realize that there is more to life than work and money. One of my absolute favorite parts in that whole book was the poem in the back that talks about taking time to smell the roses.

    I’m not a millionaire, but there’s so many times that I feel like a million bucks.

  2. @ blogrdoc – China has a lot to offer the aspiring rich right now (and, I’m not even talking about the cultural, etc.).

    My whole thesis is that you will ONLY be successful if the money you’re aiming at is to support your intended LIFE … the presumption is that you know and understand (a) what your future life will look like and (b) what the monetary ‘gap’ is that you need to fill in order to help you fulfil that life vision.

    BTW: being a ‘millionaire’ or ‘feeling a million bucks’ just doesn’t have the cache that it used to … I would like to replace it with “thrillionaire” [$3 mill.] because it sounds so damn good, but, I’m not even sure even that’s going to be enough.

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