It's a musical life?

[AJC: Since I wrote this, I notice at least two other blogs posting the same video … oh well, I guess it’s worth another look]

Occasionally, I lapse into the philosophical rather than the purely practical.

For example, I wrote a post fairly recently about the importance of The Journey … money is the result, not the object … yada yada yada.

While true, this Allan Watts video, produced by the South Park Boys (Trey Parker and Matt Stone) says it SO much better … enjoy.



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0 thoughts on “It's a musical life?

  1. AJC
    That’s the first time I saw it. I liked it a lot. Thanks so much for sharing it. It really uncovers what I think a lot of us already feel on some level.

  2. @ blogrdoc – it’s a similar theme to the Isaac Stern video that I’m going to ‘lift’ from your site for next Sunday’s post … probably the most important step on the ‘road to riches’.

  3. Good find!

    Btw, I just finished reading Rule 1 investing in like a day (I was flying back to Chicago today so I had time to kill). I like the principal in the book a lot so now it’s time to put reading into practice.

    It turns out that there’s one guy selling the pre-calculated “big 5” numbers for the screened companies for something like $130! I may roll up my sleeves and launch my own #1 stock screening service and charge $5 bucks a month and offer a lot more features than what that guy is selling. And I still charge much less than him *annually*. AJC, what’s your take on this?


  4. @ Alex – Great idea – I’d subscribe! Like everything, though, this is a marketing issue because you would need to also pitch it at people who have NOT yet read the book and/or partner with Phil Town to offer it through his site … for assistance on ‘The Pitch’ read Guy Kawasaki’s “The Art of The Start”.

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