I'm about to find out if you can make money online …. Part III

Note: In the original version of this post, I included links to the actual sites; WordPress has posted what looks like an ‘automatic warning’ … on the assumption that this content was the cause, I am removing the actual names/links … a pretty good ‘early warning sign’ that the site that I subscribed to is a bit dubious, huh? 

I have a confession, I am already working on two separate on-line ventures that are currently in stealth mode but, these are fairly high-risk / high-reward ventures … they take a lot of preparation, programming, and money.

Which is why I am busy trolling the Internet for a more ‘off the shelf’ business that I can try, so that I can prove to YOU that it is possible to make money on-line. Why?

Because I want you to start a part time business to increase your income. Why?

So that you can invest at least 50% of that extra income to accelerate your savings plan. Why?

So that you may eventually become rich!

So, I’ve found a ‘promising’ candidate … if this doesn’t work, then I’ll just have to come up with my own idea, I guess …

It’s a glossy-looking, well put together web-in-a-box diet program. I guess that it’s designed to pull people into an affiliate program for a so-called “World-Famous TV Lady Doctor“.

Is this as scam? Probably

Do I expect to make any money out of this? No.

Then why? Because I’m hoping (in the unlikely event that it’s not a scam) to at least make a ‘little money’ to show that it is POSSIBLE to make money on-line … to prove that it’s at least possible.

If this doesn’t work (which, I’m fully expecting!) then we’ll go to Plan B …

OK, so here goes; the site says to take the following steps BEFORE signing up (well, putting up some roadblocks before asking me to hand over money is a good sign!):

A) You will need a domain!

We recommend http://GoDaddy.com Once you’ve secured a domain (or if you already have one) you will point it to your webspace!  

B) You will need webspace (i.e., hosting).

 We recommend http://HostGator.com They have 24hr Support — so if you need assistance at anytime, they’re there to help you PRONTO!  

C) You will need a ClickBank account — don’t worry, it’s Free!

 Just go here to grab it N0W! … http://tinyurl.com/   

D) You will need an Autoresponder — Here’s the BEST one on the Net with 98% successful “deliverability!” …


And once you have all those things (which altogether probably will cost you less than $50 bucks!) you just need to click here to order now for JUST $397 (1-time payment ONLY!): 

…. that’s it …. wish me luck! I’ll keep you posted …

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9 thoughts on “I'm about to find out if you can make money online …. Part III

  1. For real? You’re gonna spend $400 on this program?

    Wouldn’t a financially wise person say that ‘investing’ $400 in a prospect that has a very slim chance of providing income to you, is not as wise as putting $400 in a low-interest but guaranteed investment vehicle?

  2. You are my hero! You’re blog survived my massive rss feed trim where I went from 25+ feeds to 5. Keep us posted!! BTW – did you look into stevepavlina’s ‘Site Build It!’. Alls I know is that stevepavlina claims to be making a lot of money and he looks legit. The irony, though is that he did not use ‘Site Build It’ to make his website… hmm.. something doesn’t sound right about that.

  3. @ 1stimer – You’re absolutely right! Worst Case: I’m spending $400 so that YOU don’t have to … and, I get a nice shiny new site that I can show to my friends as a side benefit … shiny stuff is nice 😉

    @ Blogrdoc – Just an ‘experiment’ … if I’m lucky, you’ll run a few more that I can link to instead of having to burn through my OWN money 🙂 You’re still on my RSS feeds … although, I tend to rely more on a once/twice a day visit to Alltop.com now.


  4. I’m at least interested in the case study, even though I already know it’s possible to make money online. Over the past year or so I’ve learned quite a bit about how one can make a little cash on the side online. It’s been quite the ride so far.

  5. I’ve tried something like this (clickbank). Total spend was 139.95: 49.95 for the ebook and a mirror site and 90.00 for a 3-day Google Adword campaign. Nothing came out of it though but I was (like you) doubtful about getting any results to begin with. ‘Hope you have better luck with your venture.

  6. @ 6months – I’m pretty sure it’s ‘dead money’ … I would like to find a ‘venture’ in a similar price range that does at least produce a modest result … maybe, I’ll eventually have to allow advertising on this site (although, I’ll have to wait until, WordPress.com allows that option) and post the revenues/costs monthly … not sure, yet.

  7. I wish you the best of luck. If it does turn out positive, it will give hope to all that read and have been in search of that online money making door. I have no first hand experience with this but i’m glad I found this.

  8. Just recently found your site and I have to say I love it. Unlike other PF Blogs, you are talking about making money instead of paying too much for my cell phone!

    I have ideas for websites almost daily. I have linked “my first try” to get it up and running I only spent about 45 bucks FOR THE WHOLE YEAR! I haven’t started to advertise it yet, because I need to work on the look and feel but take a glance at it.

  9. @ Evan – thanks … unfortunately, in being ‘transparent’ in this post – even though, I’m basically ‘debunking’ some of these ‘scam’ sites – and giving out the links, I had [I since removed them!] inadvertently broken some WordPress.com rules.

    They haven’t yet removed my “warning banner” – or responded to my support e-mails (now, that’s a little slack!) – so, I am still a little worried about what they might do …

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