Ferrari in Paris 

When I worked in the corporate world, we sometimes used to show little ‘coffee break’ videos just before going on break between training sessions …

… usually inspiring and entertaining. That’s what has inspired this ‘video on Sundays’ series of posts; think of it as a little ‘coffee break’ between weekly blogging sessions.

 And, thanks to YouTube I found my favorite such video:


PS The only ‘loose’ connection that I can find with finance, though, is the Ferrari that this guy was (really) banging around the streets of Paris … this was filmed on open roads and the guy, a racing car driver, lost his licence for life … apparently, red lights mean nothing to the French!

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  1. My associates and I do this as well. We will spend some valuable time throughout the week visualizing the life that we want and the people, places and “stuff” that we want to surround our life with. It is quite inspiring and motivating and always helps to get me back on purpose and reminds you to strive to give and receive in abundance. Great message.

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