Are you Rich, yet?

I like reading, and sometimes commenting on, other people’s blogs.

There are some really good ones out there (check out the Blogroll in the sidebar) … especially helpful to people still in the saving/debt cycle.

 One that I read is Pinyo’s very open blog; in one post he says:

 “From The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley and William Danko, you net worth should be:

Net worth (or Assets – Liabilities) = your age X your pre-tax income / 10

If you have twice that, you are indeed on your way to become wealthy! Stanley and Danko call them Prodigious Accumulator of Wealth or PAW

I did a quick calculation yesterday in my beat up 98 Ford Contour, and our net worth should be about $345,000 according to the formula. Right now, we have about $730,000 including home equity. This mean we are a pair of PAW!

 That got me thinking … when was the last time that I actually bothered calculating my own Net Worth?

 Why even bother? 

You see, the problem with all these external measures is just that … they are external.

If that’s what you want, Networth IQ has a free tool that helps you measure your own Net Worth … and then compare it to others.

But, the real definition of wealth is how much YOU need to live off each year (indexed with inflation) for the ‘life of your dreams’

… your real dreams (hint: for most people that does not require a Ferrari and a Lear Jet).

Multiply that annual amount by 20 – 40 (to be 99% sure your money will last as long as you do) … if you already have that, congratulations, you are RICH!

Simple and accurate … for you.

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