Look, Learn, Do, Win!

I mentioned the Spectrum research into how the Rich got rich (and, stay rich) in a recent post ( http://7million7years.com/2008/01/25/how-much-does-it-take-to-be-rich/ ).

 I found some interesting data from their web-site that may encourage you to keep doing what you are doing right now (look/learn/do/win!).

First, take a look at this chart lifted right from their site ( http://www.millionairecorner.com/ ):The Beginner's Mind 

While you expect that Rich people know a lot about finance and investing, isn’t it interesting that at least HALF still say that they have a lot to learn. This is called having a Beginner’s Mind … the most successful people in every avenue of life (especially those who have become Rich) have it.

Now take a look at Spectrum’s next chart:

 The Rich Read Blogs

… it seems that the Rich do look at blogs! Even better, the Richer they are the more they read (or, is it the more they read, the Richer they get?).

Now, take a look at this chart from the same site:

The Rich Get Educated

It seems that as well as looking  at Blogs (and, other sources of financial advice) they are willing to keep learn‘ing … you would think that once you get to $1M – $100M you would feel like you know it all … apparently, not so.

I’ve always had a fascination for learning (I read a LOT more ‘how to’ books than I do fiction), and it seems that I am not alone amongst the Rich. But, I had this habit BEFORE I became Rich … I am sure that this was a major factor in my financial success. What about yours? 

In the end, though, it’s the hard work … the do‘ing … that you put in that counts (see the chart above). Doing means taking risks … and, accepting a measure of good/bad luck along the way …

But, in the end, if you look/learn/do, you just have to Win!

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