My First Post

If you read my little bio, you will see that I have made a lot of money (really!), but I made it BECAUSE of my passion to learn about money and teach others. I read a lot, experimented a lot, tried lots of conventional (and unconventional) wisdom.

 The result: I made 7 million in 7 years™ … and, I started out broke (actually, worse, with a failed business and owing $30,000!).

 It’s unfortunate, but I have to brag a little in order to get my message across:

Which is, I made 7 million in 7 years following a system – a roadmap is an even better term – that you can follow, too. If you do, you have every bit as good a chance to beat my record … and, I will give you all of the rules that I found that will help speed you along the way …

 I had to find these rules by research, then trial and (lots of $$$ and time-wasting) error; you won’t have to … you will have a true Roadmap to Riches

 … even if you don’t become rich, you will become FAR better off than those around you, because you will have the rules and they won’t. And, even if they did, they won’t follow them, but you will, won’t you ??? 

So, my passion is money. Making it, but more importantly, helping other people to make it as well. I made a ton, and this is blog (and, then my book) will be my way of giving back (of course, I donate to charities, as well).

There will be no ‘get rich’ quick schemes …. but, no ‘get rich slow’ schemes, either. Hell, who wants to save their way to $1,000,000 if it’s going to take them 30 or 40 years?! [Hint: I will teach you what and how to save as well … but, that’s only the first step, like taking off in a plane …. there’s still a loooot of blue skies ahead …).

 So I’lll just be sharing the lessons that took me from broke to 7 million dollars (in the bank!) in just 7 years.

If I am the real deal (I am) why would I bother writing this blog?

It’s a good question that actually has an easy answer: in 1998, I was broke running a struggling business (it was losing $5k – $10k a month; luckily I had another business making $5k – $10k a month to keep me Just On Broke) and my wife was the breadwinner for me and our two babies.

Then I read some books … and, the ideas I picked up helped me to get back on my feet. I started making money, but had no idea how to hang on to it and make it grow even faster.

I found that there were no books that would LAY OUT THE ROADMAP to take me to the next level … getting rich, and more importantly, staying rich!

So, I started to do my own research and experiment on myself, and I got lucky (I made money … lots of it) …

… what kept me going through the hard times was the the idea that I would then help others do the same.

By writing this blog now, I’m giving back … and, if I don’t have a blast doing it, then I’ll stop … because I can.

What next?

Well, books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad and The Richest Man in Babylon were breakthroughs in their time, but very basic … they are like Making Money 101™.

So, I am taking all the lessons that I have learned, together with the lessons from others to write a better book – you can call it Making Money 202™ (I’ll let you know the real title later) – and, sharing them with you through this blog, as I research and write it.

The book will be about how to get ready to make money, how to make money (and, lot’s of it!), then how to keep it (something that many lottery winners, celebrities, and atheletes, don’t seem to know how to do) …

… it will be the first book to lay out a real Roadmap to Riches … not just my way, but in any way that feeds your passion.

Let me know what you think as we go along … not only the good, but the bad as well … who knows, you might just come up with something that should be included in the book …

… but, what I’m really banking on [pun intended] is that you will also make 7 million in 7 years … for real!

Stick with me … OK?

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9 thoughts on “My First Post

  1. I’m really excited about your new blog … if you can really show me how to make that much money please keep posting! Adam

  2. Thanks for your comment. I’ll make you a deal Adam, since you are my first reader: if YOU stop reading, I’LL stop writing!

    Just let me know if my blog doesn’t live up to your expectations, doesn’t seem real, or if what I tell you sounds like a load of cr*p … there’s enough of that out there already.

    In the meantime, keep reading … and, don’t forget to tell your friends!

    How to make money (safely, and ethically, doing whatever it is that you love to do) shouldn’t be kept a secret … AJC.

  3. OK I’ve read all your posts (thankfully I got in at the beginning and not the middle like I did with Trent and his 4000 plus posts over at the The Simple Dollar

    Anyways I still don’t know who you made 7 million in 7 years, you’ve dropped a few hints but nothing more. Main reason for reading is to learn how you did it, particulary as you said you can’t save you way to a million bucks, at least not in 7 years.

  4. Thanks for your comment, Robin. Sounds like you ‘get’ it … I, too, like Trent over at the The Simple Dollar; but my passion is to talk about what to do AFTER you are are debt free … i.e. how to become ‘rich’.

    BTW: what is the HTML to put a link into your comment like you did with “The Simple Dollar” [we shouldn’t ever be afraid to ask for help, right?].

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