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I’m not sure why I have never asked this question directly before, but I would dearly love ALL of my readers to take the 20 seconds that it would take to let us all know what Number you are aiming for (i.e. how much you need in order to stop work and finally live your life)?

Of course, no such poll would mean anything without also knowing when you want to finally stop work … so, please take another 12 seconds to make your selection below:

What Is Your Date

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… and, as always, the more comments that we get below, the more we’ll have to talk about when the results are published 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Poll: What Is Your Number?

  1. And a question – the order on both polls is not sequential. I fully expect to be awake all night trying to figure out whether this is really a cover from some experiment in behavioural finance.

  2. @ Trainee – LOL. Yes there is, indeed, madness to my method … but, I promise: there are NO tricks, here. I am genuinely interested to see what the general consensus on Number/Date is amongst our Reader Community.

    Thanks for voting … and commenting!

  3. Adrian,
    there is no tab for ‘I don’t know my number yet’. I am working on what I want to do with life and without those answers, how can you put a price on it? I could tell you my figure once I feel ‘secure’ but that is very low and not related to my ultimate goal.


  4. @ Kohti – That’s about $750,000 in US dollars … I didn’t think to state the currency on the poll, d’oh! Thanks for your comment.

    @ Josh – A very thoughtful and honest comment … and you are right on the ‘money’; this site might help you find your Life’s Purpose:


  5. AJC,

    I found an interesting link / study from 2001:


    You are below 49 right, so even at a $4M net worth that puts you up in the median top 1% net worth for your age… of course this jumps up to 9M once you hit 50… so I guess you are right there.

    At age 36, I’m basically in the top 1% for my age group… need to do a lot of work to keep that in my 40’s.

    So my number is about 10M, as taken from this chart. If I keep working and stay on track should be no problem to achieve.


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