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Meg, a reader, asks:

My goal has long been to reach $1MM (net worth, not assets) by age 30 – which is under 6 years away for me. I’ve been working actively towards the goal for over a year now, so if I reach it it will have been $1MM in 7yrs. Not nearly as impressive as 7MM in 7 yrs, but that’s if I do it the most conservative way possible with minimal risk and leverage. If all goes according to that plan (which primarily involves utilizing real estate leverage) I will reach $2MM by 35 and then more than double it again by 40…of course that’s almost 2 decades away. Maybe I should look into ramping up my plan with some risk!

[AJC: My response …]


Sounds great!

Now, I suggest that you work backwards:

How much income do you need (forget inflation for now, just use today’s dollars) and by when (figure costs of family, college, travel, etc.) … no more work for you OR hubby from then on!

OK, then double that amount for every 20 years until The Date (that accounts for 4% inflation) … and, multiply by 20 (if you want to be really conservtive, multiply by anything up to 40) to get The Number – that’s your Net Worth target (assuming that you also obey the 20% Rule).

Now, do you need to ramp up your plan with some risk, or not?!

Retirement Planning Made Easy! )

Good Luck!


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  1. Adrian, you are a godsend. I love how you take complex financial concepts and break it down so eloquently.

    Keep up the good work, it’s much appreciated.

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