Winners of the SECOND $700 in 7 Days Social Giveaway

Thanks to all of those who entered my SECOND $700 In 7 Days” Social Giveaway” … if you didn’t enter, or win a prize, then you MAY get one more chance: I’m thinking about running one more similar contest before Christmas.

I’ll tell you the reasons why in due course, but if you’re familiar with marketing, I’m kind of running some very expensive (for me) A/B split marketing tests for my ‘Top Secret Project’ …

Which brings me to our lucky five winners:

1st Prize of $350 cash (as selected by goes to Marilyn (user name = mnihill) … congratulations!!

2nd Prize of $150 cash (for referring Marilyn to the contest) goes to Barbara (user name = barbara4)

3rd Prize of $100 cash (for referring Barbara to the contest) goes to Trisha (user name = twag700)

So, here’s how it worked: Trisha entered the contest after reading my announcement post and invited some friends to enter – and some of those friends invited their own friends. One of those ‘friends of friends’ was lucky enough to win the first prize, so Trisha won a 3rd prize for indirectly referring her. Barbara won second prize because she actually did refer the lucky winner!

Since that accounted for only $600 of the $700 that I promised, I did a separate draw for the $100 left, so here’s who won that:

4thPrize of $50 cash (as selected by goes to Michael (user name = mdralph)

… since nobody referred Michael to the contest, I did one more random draw for the 5th – and, final – winner:

5th Prize of $50 cash (as selected by goes to Marie (user name = lwarren26).

Congratulations to the winners: please contact me [ajc AT 7million7years DOT com], using the e-mails that you provided when you entered and either send me a PayPal invoice for the prize that you won (apparently, this is very easy to do and makes sure that I don’t make any mistakes and pay the wrong person!). If I don’t receive the required confirmations by the end of the week, your prize goes to charity!

Now, that you see how easy it is, I hope that you will enter the next contest, which – I promise – will be even easier next time (I just spent $270 to try yet another software contest package!)…


P.S. Looks like names beginning with ‘M’ scooped more than half the pool 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Winners of the SECOND $700 in 7 Days Social Giveaway

  1. @ Trisha – Congrats, your $100 3rd prize is on its way via PayPal. Thanks for entering and referring so many people … it gave you a much better chance to win a decent cash prize. Not bad for 5 mins ‘work’, huh?

  2. Woo hoo… I referred the winner and won money for a second time! I can NOT belive it! My invoice is on the way and making sure she does too!

    Thanks Adrian you are awesome!


  3. @ Barbara – You scooped the entire $700 by winning last time, and you referred the winner of this contest, so you also won $150, here. Xmas shopping is taken care of by yours truly 😉

    PayPal payment is on it’s way … congratulations!

  4. Hey,congrats to all the lucky winners. Just in time for Christmas Huh? Thanks again Adrian for giving everyone a second chance to win. It was FUN FUN FUN.

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