Speaking of the ‘more bug’ I want MORE people to enter my latest contest … so far, I have given away $1,300 in cash and gift cards as I test a new project that I’m working on.

My financial pain is your cash gain 😉

It’s a new kind of contest and I’m running this as an experiment. NEW because not only do you get a chance to win the $350 First Prize (that’s CASH, transfered straight to your PayPal account), but …

Once you have entered, simply let your friends know the User Name that you chose, and when they enter (using your user name) and win a prize, so do you!

Now, here comes the twist: when they enter they will be able to invite their own friends, not only will they win a prize if one of their friends wins a prize, but SO WILL YOU.

Your chances of winning a prize (of $50, $150, or even the $350 first prize … all in cash) can easily be 7, 15, 27, 56, … or MORE than in any other type of giveaway contest!

Instructions: Choose a short User Name (eg “Steve12”) for yourself and enter AJC42 as the user name for the person who referred you (unless you already have a user name from a friend who referred you) then send this link http://7million7years.com/contest/ (+ your User Name instead of mine) to all of your friends (via e-mail, Twitter, and FaceBook) and let the fun begin!

Win $700 In 7 Days!
Join our second $700 in 7 Days Contest + refer friends for EVEN more chances to win! You win prizes if ANY of your friends win a prize!
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[See http://7million7years.com/contest/ for full contest details]

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